MUNEGUDA, a Monegasque martial art for everyone from 3 years old


"The name of the Monegasque martial art ‘Muneguda’ that I created, is composed of ‘Munegu’, meaning ‘Monaco’ in Monegasque, and the initials of ‘Defence Art’. Its birth certificate dates back to 11 June 2020, the date on which HSH Prince Albert II was informed of the nature of this new project”, says Claude Pouget

« My intention was to show my gratitude to my country and its language. The Principality of Monaco was a fundamental cornerstone for me, allowing me to progress throughout the years in martial arts, a great passion of mine, by virtue of their technicality and their many advantages, but also due to the ethical and humanist values they promote.

* * 

Muneguda is defined, as being a Monegasque martial for everybody

Muneguda, a Monegasque martial art, can be practiced, at the choice of  practitioners, from the youngest to the edlderly as :

- art of unarmed defense, practiced as a leisure activity, making it possible to face different types of threats or aggression using simple and selected techniques of renowned martial arts, adapted to the characteristics of different groups of practitioners.

- combat sport (technique or combat, or for the youngest, light assaults), governed by sporting regulations, in competition, selecting specific techniques, and for the youngest, fun, secure, under development , in accordance with the standards of the official sports movement.

These two approaches: art of leisure defense or, for those who wish it, combat sport, will allow in their respective field: the fortification of the mind, the awakening to the strategies, the learning and the use of techniques, the maintenance physical, while being adapted to the characteristics of the different audiences of practitioners.

Muneguda promotes, among all its practitioners, ethical values, such as self-defense, or, for the youngest, educational.

The moral code of Muneguda attests to these values, shared by many martial arts, in the Monegasque Language, respect for which is the first condition of its practice. These are: Benevolence, Respect, Courage, Sincerity, Honor, Modesty, Self-Control, Politeness.

Muneguda will encourage its practitioners, especially the youngest, to support through their actions themes that are valued by the Principality: mutual support, as well as humanitarian and sustainable development.

MUNEGUDA’ will support these themes under the auspice of the International Academy of Martial Arts of Monaco, which I technically manage, having supported field actions organised by Peace and Sport or Amitié sans frontières.

As for the Monegasque environment, founded in Monaco by a Monegasque, the Munéguda incorporates in its name and its practice words from the Monegasque language allowing our discipline to also be a vector in favor of knowledge of the culture of the Principality de Monaco; it promotes the ethical values ​​supported by the Principality of Monaco; it is open to the international and encourages tolerance and respect through the different martial arts or combat sports from different cultures which inspired its creation.

Muneguda brings multiple benefits from a physical, psychological and social point of view. It is the result of my syntheses, adapted to the characteristics of different practicing audiences, coming from the richness of these martial arts and of my experience.

declares Claude POUGET, founder (1997) of the International Martial Arts Academy, approved by the Monaco Government.


Practice at the International Martial Arts Academy of Monaco

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