« As a martial art, Muneguda prioritizes social and ethical values.

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This art encourages its practitioners, especially the youngest, to support, through their action, themes dear to the Principality: mutual aid, humanitarian aid and sustainable development.

It supports these themes, like the International Academy of Martial Arts of Monaco, which I technically lead, having notably supported actions in the field of Peace and Sport or Friendship Without Borders» declares Claude Pouget.



« The salute which takes place with the right hand, positioned on the heart, and whose arm then opens circularly, evoking the action and intention of opening one's heart to the other.

In Muneguda too everything begins and everything ends with salute! » clarifies Claude Pouget.

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« The moral code of Muneguda attests to these values, shared by many martial arts, in the Monegasque Language, respect for which is the first condition of its practice. These are: Benevolence, Respect, Courage, Sincerity, Honor, Modesty, Self-Control, Politeness » precise Claude Pouget.

"The foundations of the Monegasque martial art MUNEGUDA: its moral code, values shared by many martial arts, in the Monegasque language" declares Claude POUGET


 In monegasque language, with the kind contribution of Mrs. Karyn Ardisson Salopek and Mr. Stéphan Maggi, Monegasque teacher  

Listen U còdice murale d’u « Muneguda » The moral code
Listen A benevurença Benevolence
Listen U respetu Respect
Listen U curage Courage
Listen A sincerità Sincerity
Listen L’unù Honour
Listen A mudestia Modesty
Listen U cuntrolu de se stëssu Self-control
Listen A pulitessa Politeness




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