By way of example, MUNEGUDA BABY (6-8 years old) aims at helping the child blossom while facilitating their general development, before tackling the specific approach of martial arts. The priority here is psychomotor development (sensory-motor, emotional and relational skills).

The playful pedagogical approach translates into motor experiences (favouring balance, coordination, laterality, flexibility), as well as the development of the body mapping (knowledge of the body) in an adapted environment. Ethical values are introduced with the greeting, an expression of respect.

Practice at the International Martial Arts Academy of Monaco

Boite Postale n° 140 - 98 003 Monaco Cedex.
Head office : 7, avenue des Castelans 98000 Monaco – Principality of Monaco

Claude Pouget : +33 (0)6 07 93 31 36